Outrageous Fishing Adventures

Outrageous Fishing Adventures

Outrageous Fishing Adventures

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Outrageous Fishing Adventures
Outrageous Fishing Adventures
Outrageous Fishing Adventures

About Outrageous Fishing
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Bill Hansen is the owner operator of Outrageous Fishing Adventures Port Douglas and he has been fishing since he was 5 years old. Bill was taught to fish by his grandfather, uncle and father. When Bill was 17 years old he purchased his first boat, and has owned various boats since then, which allowed him to enjoy his favourite pastime as often as possible. Bill has fished up and down the east coast of Australia and across to Western Australia plus as far away as Hawaii, Fiji,west coast California USA and Vanuatu. Bill has experienced all types of fishing and is knowledgeable in different types of techniques to ensure you catch that elusive fish.

“Fishing is my life’s passion. It’s an escape from the drudgery and dramas of everyday life. I get a thrill from seeing others reel in their first fish of the day. There’s a wonderful adrenalin rush associated with a good day’s fishing which is best when shared with others’, says Bill.

“Depending on your fishing style, groups can choose from game, deep-sea, reef or in-shore fishing. We are flexible and happy to go with the flow and fully equipped with a wide range of tackle to suit all styles of fishing”.

The Fishing Gear we use is mostly overhead self-levelling reels with rods and 18kg line for our reef fishing , and overhead reels and rods for trolling (not self-levelling) with 24kg line. We also offer spin fishing and jigs for those who like a little light sport fishing action.

Little (Baby) Outrageous

Little Outrageous was built in 1985 by Kayfa Industries in Melbourne for the Tasmanian Government for use as a Pilot Boat. Her design was based around the Cray type boats of that time and built to survey specs.

Little Outrageous is a 8.5m long (approximately 27 foot) vessel and comfortably takes eight (8) leisure passengers

The vessels served 12 years as a pilot boat and then sold off privately were she was refurbished into a weekend leisure boat. We found her in Port Stephens and brought her up to the Gold Coast where she was gutted for refitting as a charter boat. All the wiring was replaced, the pumps were upgraded and new electronics fitted to meet the 2010 industry safety specifications and standards.

Little Outrageous is fitted with commercial sonar fish-finding equipment to find the catch, and our clients are given high quality tackle to reel them in.

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